We take your privacy seriously.

Code of Conduct

We're not big on rules, we work for ourselves after all; we don't like other people telling us what to do. But, we have found that a few house rules makes everybody happy, productive, and generally good neighbors. Check out and respect our posted House Rules (online and at the space) or we'll seek Giovanni on you.

  1. Respect Privacy - We're an open, shared workspace and community and will always be that way. If you need privacy, we recommend headphones and use of private meeting rooms. If you need to talk with someone, Slack message them first. Respect people's space and privacy to the fullest extent possible.
  2. Be Considerate - Keep it conversational when talking and remember other people can hear you. If you need to have a lengthy conversation, take to one of the common areas or a meeting room. Never ever (ever ever) take a phone or video conference on speaker phones. That's disruptive and you'll be spanked.
  3. Get Some Headphones - Headphones indicate your "office door" is closed and that you're trying to get work done. Headphones should also be used for web chats, video conferences, or taking phone calls to respect the privacy of others.
  4. Don't Be Greedy - Don't hog the conference rooms, common areas, or interwebs. We have a bunch of them and they are awesome, but don't hog them. Please always book via the web app and try to reserve at least 24 hours in advance.
  5. Guest Policy - We welcome you to invite your partners, customers, suppliers, and others related to your business to visit you at SOCO. In addition, please feel free to invite your friends to apply to become members if they like what they see. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. If a SOCO manager or employee asks your guest to leave, please do respect that.
  6. Community First - We exist to build a community that we can all feel comfortable in, be supported by, and take ownership of. So, show up, take ownership, and get involved in helping us make SOCO the best community it can be. Have an idea for the cowork? Share it. See an issue? Discuss it. Want to do something cool? Pitch it.
  7. Keep it Clean - This applies to your language, your internet activity, your work station, and your consumption habits. This is a professional managed work community and we don't tolerate slobs, assholes, or hackers. Keep that stuff at home.
  8. Show Up - 80% of life is about showing up. So, show up, be active, and support your community members. Lend an ear, a shoulder, or a thought that could help someone have a better day. We're in this together.
  9. Create Better Stuff - By joining SOCO, you're embracing a higher form of existence and you're committing to building your art, craft, or professional. So do it and challenge others around you to do better work.
  10. Don't be a jerk (this should over pretty much everything else).