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Opportunities to hone your skills, grow your craft and do better work.

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SOCO's Learning Community

Do Better Work.

Great communities continually evolve. By honing our craft, growing our knowledge base, and learning together, SOCO partners with a range of organizations to create opportunities for you to never stop learning. Programs range from short refreshers, after hours meet-ups, peer user groups, monthly workshops and even intensive learning experiences like The Iron Yard Academy.

12-Week Code School

Go from zero to job ready in an immersive environment. Learn the latest skills from industry professionals and connect with employers through our Career Support group.

Free Crash Courses

Our free, one-night crash courses are the perfect way to get your hands dirty with a fun project and gain the confidence to explore the world of programming.

Course Offerings

Proven Teachers and Process

We offer learning programs that cover the core components of web development. Each course is designed to help people reach their learning and career goals.

JavaScript & MVC Frameworks

By the end of the Front-End class, you'll be able to problem solve programming tasks using JavaScript, giving you the ability to create dynamic websites and applications that function like Twitter, Spotify, and others. With a working knowledge of modern JavaScript frameworks, you'll graduate with a deep...

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User Interface Design

At the end of the design class, you’ll be equipped with a portfolio of beautiful, functional and user-focused projects built from the ground up. With a working knowledge of modern design processes and tools, you’ll graduate with a deep understanding of what it takes to be a successful UI Designer in ...

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