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April SOCO Knowledge Bomb

We’re better when we work together. That’s one of the reasons SOCO exists. It’s also the reason Slack Sessions exist. Slack Sessions are monthly chats hosted in SOCO’s Slack community. They’re focused on helping members work better, think bigger, and live life on their terms. From productivity to creativity, these… Read More

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Goal Setting Focus Plan

I have historically not been a strong advocate for Goal Setting. I mean I’ve set goals and worked towards them, but the official “setting of goals” thing… You know writing them down and all that. It always seemed like the goals I was hearing other people set were just pulled… Read More

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2016 Year in Review Part 2: A Growing Movement

In Part 1 of our Year in Review, we focused on our community and shared some of our members’ proudest moments in 2016. In Part 2, we take a moment to reflect on SOCO, the entity, and give ourselves a little pat on the back for what we’ve been able… Read More

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2016 Year in Review Part 1: A Community of Creators

If we’ve learned anything on this journey to change the way people work, connect and create, its that a community’s core is its people. Movements, organizations, startups, and other game changing efforts are all driven by passionate people on a quest create better lives for themselves and others around them. Read More

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Join SOCO, The Iron Yard and Project Partners for Opening Day at the Historic Bakery at Bull Street

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Join SOCO, The Iron Yard and Project Partners for Opening Day at the Historic Bakery at BullStreet, Oct. 7, 2016 SOCO and The Iron Yard Join Spirit Communications, Hughes Development Corporation, 1×1 Design and Buchanan Construction Services in Celebrating the Launch of S.C.’s First Urban… Read More

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Time to Write Our Own Story

This article originally appeared in Midlands Anchor on July 2016 Written by Greg Hilton and Heather Dughaish Change is in the air. You can’t put your finger on it, but it’s palpable. Yes, our city is “under construction” with more than $1 billion in… Read More

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Artist vs. Scientist, Which One Are You?

Creative entrepreneurs are interesting. I tend to separate most of us into two groups. The Artist vs. The Scientist So, let me me explain. The Artist The artist entrepreneur approaches the business world like they approach their work. They are looking for spontaneity, spark, creation. It sometimes comes easy,… Read More

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How to Track Your Google Rank (hint: Incognito Isn’t Enough)

When I have a conversation with photographers about SEO, I usually find that their main goal is to get on the first page of Google. Then I ask, “What would someone be searching for in order to find your site on the first page?” Usually that gets me a… Read More

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