Create Your Life: Healthy Living for Hustlers III

Mobility Workshop with Workhorse Fitness Trainers

We spend all our days in a constant rush; rushing to get to work, rushing to get home to take care of family, and even rushing to get to sleep and we always end up feeling exhausted and sore. If we're stiff and lack mobility now, how will we feel in the next 20 years?

Come and spend an hour with these incredible Workhorse Fitness trainers working out your 'kinks'. Sore necks, back, and hips are common for desk job workers and here you will learn a few stretches you can use at home or in the office throughout your cluttered schedule. These simple stretches will help you ease aches and pains from your everyday wear and tear.

Make sure to bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothes that you don't mind moving around and getting a little dirty in.

Event is at:
1721 Saunders Street
Columbia, SC 29201

Meet Your Trainers

Heather Dughaish
Head Trainer at Workhorse Fitness, Former Collegiate Volleyball Athlete and Novice Bikini Bodybuilder

Ibrahim Dughaish
Kinesiology major at IU Bloomington, Owner of Workhorse Fitness with a CrossFit Level One Certification, CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification, CrossFit Gymnastics, and also a USA Weightlifting Level One Certification