Inspiring Spaces

Workspaces that work as hard as you do.  Welcome to the last “office” you’ll ever need.

Real Community

Real, lasting connections that help you crush the work and lead a more meaningful work life.

Learning and Events

Powerful social and professional events that help you hone your skills, grow your craft and make meaningful connections.  


SOCO is a platform and community for creators. Inspiring spaces, incredible events, and learning opportunities to help you thrive.

We Build Community

SOCO is a platform and community for creators, indie workers and entrepreneurs. SOCO creates inspiring spaces where you can work and work together; incredible events and activities to help you connect with your “tribe”; and a range of learning opportunities to hone your skills and grow your craft. At the center of it all is a strong belief in the power of community and living life on your terms.


Community is at the center of everything we do. Hundreds of members sharing, collaborating and growing together Spend some time with us and you’ll see that it’s the thing that makes all the other things work. Real Connections. Real Community.

Inspiring Workspaces

Iconic, inspiring workspaces chock full of amenities like 24/7 access, super reliable high speed internet, meeting and collaboration rooms, bottomless locally roasted coffee and beer on tap. We create workspaces as awesome as our members.


Where your social life meets your professional life. SOCO supports more than 100 events a year focused on helping you create meaningful connections. Events and experiences that help you love your work and your life.


From meetups and workshops to peer groups and online learning sessions, we offer a range of learning opportunities, all geared to helping you hone your skills, grow your craft and thrive. Never stop learning with SOCO.

“It’s extremely valuable to be able to collaborate, work together and bounce ideas off of other people. As a solo entrepreneur, I have more value to offer the world than in any other job.  It’s an awesome community.”

– Moultrie Ball – CoFounder, RumbleLab

“Being in a progressive space full of interesting people doing cool things. Feeling like a true progressive-city millennial power badass.”

– Chloe Rodgers, Director of Partnerships, 6AM City

“This community of creatives and entrepreneurs creates a refreshing environment for productive work. Plus, it’s just cool to collaborate on a project with your neighbor!”

– Allyn Alston, Graphic Designer, Your Vision Graphics and Design

“Moving to SOCO was probably the best decision we’ve made.  We’ve experienced rapid growth and have benefited greatly from the community, resources and collaboration SOCO provides.”

– Colin Griffin, Founder and CEO of Krumware.


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Ep.10 Communal – Bailey Lewis

Founder of Words First Content Strategy and Words First Community. She teaches next-level content strategy tactics and processes for organizations all over the globe, with the goal of improving her clients’ business and, at the same time, bettering the digital world we all spend so much time in every day.

Refocusing on Your Work

Since we’re halfway through 2022, we wanted our community to take a moment and see if they need to refocus. When life happens, we often lose focus on our work. So we sought input from our members on why they lose focus and how they address it. We asked why members of SOCO find themselves […]

How to Refocus On Your Work 

We’re roughly halfway through the year. And if you’ve avoided breaking out in a cold sweat because time is flying by, then this is a great time to step back and refocus on your work.  It’s easy to lose sight of goals we established way back in January. And a lot can happen in the […]

Stop Living in the Gap

I live my life in the gap. Every day. And I bet you do too.

Ep.9 Communal – Living in the Gap

Greg and Gene talk through some of things that you may encounter in your life as a business owner or dreamer. Working hard is often something that we are praised for and for good reason but what happens when you find yourself constantly trying to reach for that ever unreachable horizon?

Setting Boundaries at Work

We all could do a little better job of setting boundaries at work. And it’s not always easy to know where to start. So we asked our members how they set boundaries and why it’s important to enforce them. First, we asked why SOCO members want boundaries in their work life. Then, we asked what […]