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Inspiring spaces, flexible rooms & amazing hospitality.

Meetings Are Magical

Meetings matter, now more than ever.  It’s where we engage, inspire and create opportunities.  Whether it’s connecting with your team, closing the next big client or getting into deep work; SOCO’s purposefully crafted meeting spaces are chock full of hospitality and amenities to ensure you accomplish your best and most creative work.  You + Your People is where the magic happens.


We’re here to help you crush your next meeting:

  • Planning retreats
  • Client pitches
  • Team check-ins
  • Workshops & Trainings
  • Solo Deep work
  • Social/Professional Events
Person Walking Down Hallway
Person Walking Down Hallway

Meetings Are Better at SOCO

Here’s How We Help

Fun and Funky Spaces

Cool spaces with character and energy located near your favorite neighborhoods and districts.

Do All The Things

Book a meeting room.  Pop out for a call.  Take a break for coffee. Or stick around after to cowork. You can do it all here.

Keepin’ It Professional

Private and professionally managed meeting rooms and workspaces so you can get the “big work” done.

Yogi-Level Flexibility

Spaces to meet every size, meeting type and need.  From solo work to team retreats, we have you covered.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

With online booking, remote entry and meeting-ready rooms, we cover the details so you can focus on outcomes.

Dripping With Hospitality

Where community and connections come together.  Real, local people.  Friendly onsite staff. Warm and welcoming vibes.  Always.

Unforgettable Events at SOCO

Did you know that SOCO has some amazing events facilities to support your next big get together. With a dedicated events space, we can host everything from networking to professional development, pitches to presentations. Let’s see if we can help you!



Meet Me At SOCO

Meetings are where magic happens


I do creative work and sometimes my home office can just be one giant distraction.  So, when I need to do deep work, I book a day pass and a meeting room at SOCO.  It’s a really  unique combination of inspiring spaces and tons of amenities. I close the door and jump on a whiteboard and it’s off to the races.  And the bottomless tea and coffee keep the juices flowing!

Ben Culbreth, Culbreth Copywriting
Deep Work

We operate globally and have suppliers and partners from all over come in.  When they do, we book meetings and workspace at SOCO.  The spaces are centrally located, super convenient to downtown amenities and it’s a nice way to show our clients and partners we care.

Pat McGinnis, HLC Bicycles
Out of town guests

Every year, when planning time rolls around we always book a few days at SOCO with our coaching clients  as a sort of “staycation planning retreat”.  The energy, vibe and hospitality really helps me and  the entire team get in the right mindset and we always leave energized and ready to tackle what’s next.

Jada Willis, Jada Willis Consulting
Staycation retreat

I run a creative agency.  There’s nothing worse than a crowded, noisy coffee shop when you’re trying to connect with  and close a new client.  When I want to be a big girl professional, I book those meetings at SOCO.

Eva Foussat, Eva Foussat Creative
Client meetings

We all work in the field a lot so we don’t see each other much.  Keeping the team connected and growing our culture are important, so we meet at SOCO in person every month to make sure the human connection  stays front and center in our culture.

Ley Linder, CEO, Crescent Behavioral Health
Bring Team together

Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions?

We’ve got answers here.

What is the outside food and beverage policy?

Whatever makes your meeting rock.  Outside food and beverages are welcomed! We also offer a range of awesome food and beverage add-ons for a fee.  From healthy and decadent snacks to craft sodas, beers and even wine.  Check out add-ons here

What are the options for parking at both locations?

With vibrant workspaces in exciting neighborhoods and districts all over Soda City, parkin​​g is easy like Sunday morning.  

Parking for SOCO BullStreet is located both around the building (with a free lot right out front) and in dedicated parking spaces along Mills, Saunders and Barnwell Streets. 

Parking for SOCO 8080 is available at meters along Lady, Lincoln and Gadsden Streets or the Washington  Street Garage (maintained by City of Columbia).

Can I stay and work before or after my meeting?

Crush meetings.  Crush work.  Crush it all.  We invite you to explore uninterrupted productivity with our available day passes for extended work sessions.  You’ll enjoy bottomless coffee and tea as well as a guest worker.  Day passes can be added on to your meeting room booking at check out. 

What is your cancellation policy?

SOCO has a “no cancellations” policy, but does retain the right to make exceptions under extraordinary circumstances.  Have one?  Let’s talk.  We’re humans supporting humans after all. 

Can I modify my booking?

Of course!  You can modify your booking date, time, duration, or select some add-on amenities,  but you will have to do that by reaching out to one of our team members.  You can reach Whitney Balish at or 803-994-9257. 

What do I do if my meeting is running long/late?

You have a few options here, all of which require you to communicate this with one of our hospitality team members.  We build 15 minutes of extra time into the start and end time of every booking to allow for setup and close out.  So, don’t stress if you’re running just a little late. If your meeting delay will exceed 15 minutes, you’ll need to talk with a team member to see if the room is available and we can add another block of time onto your meeting. 

What can I do to make my meeting really special?

You’ve already taken the first step by booking a meeting at SOCO.  The vibe and ambiance should help you set the tone.  But, talk to our team or check out some other ways that we can enhance your experience with food and beverage add-ons, day passes or even remote entry for your team members.  In addition, if you need a fun place for lunch, dinner or post meeting drinks, our team LOVES providing local recommendations to round out your experience. 

What do I do if I need help with tech or equipment?

Remember that “hospitality” thing we were talking about?  A team member will be onsite for the full duration of your meeting.  Should you have any questions or technical issues, they’ll be available to help address them.  We also STRONGLY encourage you to arrive early and test out the equipment in your room like a good Boy/Girl Scout. 

Need Some Help?

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Looking for some extra amenities for your booking?
Have a special request to make? Give us a call.

Whitney Balish