SOCO Core Values?

These are the things that define us and that we stand behind. They are ingrained in our mission, how we interact with you, and are the fuel for our fire.

Community Comes First

Community and human connection is at the center of everything we stand for and is the “thing” that makes all the other “things” possible.  We will actively build and nurture a strong and supportive community to help our members thrive personally and professionally.

We Welcome All

Diversity in experiences and perspectives is fundamentally necessary to creating a thriving community.  We’re committed to providing a safe space where all members feel respected and free to be who they are without judgment.  We will be respectful and empathetic while standing up to bigotry, hate and negativity.

We’re Better Together

Changing the world is not a solo affair.  Incredible things happen when people actively choose to connect, collaborate and work together.  You can do more and be more when you have a support system, a network and a tribe. We’re committed to connecting our members to the people and resources they need to win.

Work Environment Matters

You’ll spend half your waking life working.  You deserve a work environment where you feel inspired, creative and productive every day – with nothing standing in the way of you doing what you love.  We’re passionate about creating great spaces that create great experiences and build great community.

Life is About More Than Work

Doing what you love means working hard to be the best version of yourself, your whole self.  We believe that people should find meaning in their work, relationships, and personal pursuits and have fun while doing it.

Freedom is Doing What You Love

People should have the freedom to do what they love, and work where and how they want.  We believe that being in the driver’s seat of your own life leads to fulfillment, growth and incredible success.

Respect All The Hustles

There are a lot of ways to work.  Whether your “hustle” is working 80 hours a week to build your empire or getting it all done by Thursday, so you can go climb mountains (with your kids), we’ll respect YOUR hustle and the passion, energy and dedication you bring to it.

Never Stop Learning and Sharing

Better ideas, better companies and better humans come out of sharing knowledge, sharing expertise and asking the hard questions. Learn from others, share what you know, hone your craft, contribute to your industry/community.