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Cowork Spaces

More than just a desk.

Talented coworkers, inspiring settings, bottomless coffee, and boundless connections. Coworking at SOCO, you become part of a growing and vibrant community of creators committed to changing the way people work. You also get access to some of the most inspiring and compelling spaces you'll ever work at, with a range of standard amenities you can't find anywhere else. Become a member or just drop in for a day to say "Hi!" All are welcome.

Vista Cowork

SOCO's flagship location in the heart of the Vista arts & entertainment district. An open floor plan, incredible ambiance, highly talented coworkers, and a distinctly urban feel. SOCO Vista is within walking distance to more than 50 bars, restaurants, and coffee shops to ensure that you get everything you need. The hub for SOCO's events, this is where awesome work meets an awesome life.

Bull Street Cowork

Steeped in history and located on the historic grounds of the former State Hospital in the middle of Columbia's hottest urban redevelopment project. Stunning architecture surrounds a beautiful open workspace filled with natural light.

What is Coworking?

Show up and get work done.

Coworking is for everyone

Designers, developers, writers, creatives of all kinds come to coworks around the world to get their work done. SOCO Coworks are no different. We want members from as many creative fields as possible because we know that the more skills we have in one room, the more that we can do collectively.

Coworks are not traditional office spaces

Coworks are open spaces that creative and technical professionals share. SOCO Coworks have a casual and friendly atmosphere that is inviting and encourages interaction. We offer open spaces for our members to meet and to work. You can expect lots of tables and chairs and great people working away on amazing projects.

Provides opportunities to interact and grow

Our coworks also organize classes so that anyone interested can learn new skills. We host social events so that members can make the connections they need to move their business forward. Opportunity is always knocking.

Coworks are flexible

SOCO Coworks have multiple membership types to accommodate different schedules and business models. There's no need to sign a long contract. We know how the industry works and have made our membership model as flexbile as possible. Try it for yourself, many people have already decided that coworking is the best thing for their business and you may too.

A Few Of Our Members

Introduce yourself.

SOCO Members come from every corner of the creative community. They have great ideas and the skills and motivation to make their ideas a reality. They are the core of our community and the reason for its' existance.