Refocusing on Your Work

Refocusing on Your Work

Since we’re halfway through 2022, we wanted our community to take a moment and see if they need to refocus. When life happens, we often lose focus on our work. So we sought input from our members on why they lose focus and how they address it.

We asked why members of SOCO find themselves losing focus.

Then we asked what members do to regain focus.

It’s easy to find “busy work” to feel like we’re focusing. But we wanted to understand how members get focused on valuable tasks.

Finding focus can be overwhelming if you’ve been away for an extended time (vacation or personal leave). So we asked our members for their tips.

Finally, we asked about resources our members recommend to help maintain focus at work.

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Refocusing on Your Work

Setting Boundaries at Work

We all could do a little better job of setting boundaries at work. And it’s not always easy to know where to start. So we asked our members how they set boundaries and why it’s important to enforce them.

First, we asked why SOCO members want boundaries in their work life.

Then, we asked what type of boundaries members have in place for their clients/colleagues.

We wanted to know how members decided which boundaries to put in place.

Boundaries are only useful if they’re enforced.

How does technology help enforce boundaries?

The Finances of Your Business

The Finances of Your Business

Following the April 18th tax filing deadline, we figured it was an ideal time to talk money. We wanted to get our members’ input on how they run their business finances and the challenges they face. And at the end, we all walked away with practical lessons we can apply to our own work.

First, we asked folks to reply with a GIF with the first thing that comes to mind when they think of their business finances.

Seeing that money causes a little angst, we asked about the source of stress for business money management. We also wanted to know the things our folks felt good about.

Next, we asked what our members struggle with the most.

Goals are an important part of financial management. We asked our members about theirs.

There was a lot of talk about getting paid. So what happens when a client doesn’t pay?

As our conversation came to a close, we wanted to know the tools and resources that help our members manage their money.

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Slack Session: Women in the Workplace

Slack Session: Women in the Workplace

Our March Slack Session focused on Women’s History Month. Specifically, we wanted to hear from the women in the community about their career experiences, the challenges, and the things that inspire them.

We started off by asking about the women who inspire our members

Then, we asked how the pandemic has impacted women in the workplace and what that means for the future

Finally, we discussed positive changes that have happened for women in the work world

We’re very thankful to have many incredible women in this community. And conversations like this one help move us closer to making great changes. SOCO is more than a workspace, it’s a community. And you can be part of it. Come visit us by signing up for a tour.

Slack Sessions: How to Fiercely Protect Your Time

Slack Sessions: How to Fiercely Protect Your Time

Time is a scarce resource. It must be guarded and used wisely. We asked our members how they view and protect time. Here’s what they had to say.

First, we asked what time means to our members and why it’s important to protect it

Since time is so important, we wanted to know what takes up most of our members time

(some members had jokes)

We asked members how they protect time

Next, we wanted to view time beyond today, or even this year. How do you protect your future time?

These conversations are a good use of your time

And you can join them when you become a SOCO member.

A Different Approach to Goal Setting

A Different Approach to Goal Setting

New year, new rounds of resolutions. But what if goal setting wasn’t the same old story of wanting to do something and never really following through? The problem isn’t your goal; it’s your approach. So we asked our members how they set goals and what’s worked best for them. Here’s a recap of that conversation.

We wanted to know why our members liked to set goals. Here’s what they said.

Next, we asked how everyone approached goal setting. What’s the process?

We wanted to learn about their most successful goal-setting methods.

Setting goals for the things you don’t want to do? Whaaaat?

And if you fall short and don’t hit your goals? What happens?

And finally, here’s what our members took away from the conversation and will implement in their own lives.

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