Ep.14 Communal – Kelvin Davis

Ep.14 Communal – Kelvin Davis

Photo by Kathryn Van Aernum

Everyone loves a great story and Kelvin is no exception. While working as a public school art teacher he was “discovered” as a menswear model. The thing is though he had been grinding nightly building his blog and online presence as a body positivity menswear influencer – he was just ready to go when he got the call up to the big leagues.

Kelvin is speaking at the 2022 Growth Summit – 701 Whaley in Columbia, SC – OCTOBER 19-21st

Growth Summit is the premiere entrepreneurial event in SC with 40+ speakers and thought leaders, 24 sessions, 4 keynotes and over 400 attendees.  SOCO is an organizer, sponsor and partner in the event.

Kelvin’s session is called “How I followed my passion to turn my side hustle into a successful business” on Thursday, October 20th at 10am

Tickets at: growth-summit.org

Kelvin Davis


Kelvin Davis is the founder and creator of Notoriously Dapper, a body positive menswear blog showcasing outfits to inspire men of all sizes to find confidence in their appearance. Blogging with this purpose has led him to becoming a signed Model & Influencer to Bridge Models; an agency dedicated to bringing body diversity to the fashion and entertainment industry. Kelvin has also modeled for the likes of Target, GAP, Vineyard Vines, Nike and more. On his Instagram he shares images that empower us all to love ourselves while continuing to spread the message of being your best self.

Kelvin has been featured in major media outlets such as The New York Times, The Daily Mail and The New York Post for his contributions to male body positivity. He continues to break modeling standards and push the fashion industry to be more inclusive of all body types and races. Kelvin lives this message in his daily life, inspiring men and women worldwide to simply love themselves by finding and embracing the beauty within.

A leading light in the body confidence movement for men, his persona offers empowerment and wisdom that contributes to building self-esteem for everyone. In his own words, “You have to choose to be great; always remember clothing has sizes but style does not.” Now, as an award nominated author, he is spreading that same positivity through Notoriously Dapper: How to be a Modern Gentleman with Manners, Style and Body Confidence.

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Ep.13 Communal – Angela Yong

Ep.13 Communal – Angela Yong

Photo by Kathryn Van Aernum





“I believe when you teach one person, they share it with their whole village. The ripple effect of ‘I got this’ happens every time I work with a client, teach a workshop, or lead a retreat.”

I am a motivational speaker, fitness trainer, master yogi, and entrepreneur who teaches self-care and encourage badass-ery.  I was a sixteen year strength and conditioning coach turned yogi. Hyper competitive to thriving on an unhurried life. I am a certified Thai yoga bodyworker with over 500 hours of formal yoga training. I have traveled the world studying physical therapy modalities and healing methods to expand my ability to help people increase mobility, recover from injuries and prevent them. I am a former athlete and coach, I work with Olympians, Grammy winning musicians, ultra runners and professional athletes as well as with people of every age and fitness level who want to be more active and enjoy life.

My most cherished belief is in holding space. Each session is unique, clients come in with different needs and they each need to be accommodated. I offer private sessions for individuals, couples and small groups.  Private sessions range from personal training, yoga, stretching.

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Ep. 12 – Imposter Syndrome

Ep. 12 – Imposter Syndrome

What is Imposter Syndrome, how does it show up in your organization? How can we navigate and succeed in the face of our insecurities as an entrepreneur?

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What is Imposter syndrome?

Imposter syndrome refers to an individual’s fear of being exposed as a “fraud.” The term was coined in 1978 by clinical psychologists Pauline R. Clance and Suzanne A. Imes who found that high-achieving women were plagued with feelings of intellectual fraudulence and inauthenticity.

  • Unfounded belief that you’re not qualified to do your job.
  • Fear of being “found out” and unmasked as an unqualified business person.
  • Feel like it was just luck or timing that led you to where you are.
  • Fear of being found out as incompetent.
  • A belief that you’re an imposter and not the business owner or business professional you should be.
  • Feeling like a fraud.
  • Efforts are based on fear of failure rather than driven by a passion for success.

More at the link here

7 Signs of Low Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is just the reputation you have with yourself.

1. You define yourself by your past.

2. You procrastinate on your passions.

3. You’re hypercritical of others.

4. You’re unwilling to enforce healthy boundaries.

5. You overthink minor decisions.

6. You rely on other people to feel better.

7. You struggle to take compliments.

More at the link here

How it can show itself in your business/agency

Imposter Syndrome can lead to all sorts of problems at your agency. For example:

  • Under-charging during the sales process
  • Over-servicing clients
  • Hiring the wrong people
  • Sticking with poor-fit clients too long
  • Feeling too much stress from being too hard on yourself
Financial Lessons from the SOCO Community

Financial Lessons from the SOCO Community

We’ve spent the past month discussing finances in the SOCO community. It’s a popular topic, and we wanted to dedicate a month focused on independence talking about financial freedom. 

It’s a time for the community to ask questions, participate in monthly challenges, and learn how to manage their money better.  

As July comes to a close, we’ve rounded up some good advice from our members and resources shared in the community. 

Create a Rainy Day (or 911 Fund) 

As one of our members put it, you need a 911 fund. 

It’s money you set aside when things don’t go well. For example, an unexpected car expense, an uncovered medical bill, or (gasp) your AC starts having issues in the middle of a Columbia summer. 

Most financial gurus will tell you to have 3 to 6 months of living expenses saved to cover the expensive stuff life throws your way and to help in the event of a job or income loss. 

Get started today by setting up an automated transfer to a savings account and create a goal for how much you need to be saved based on your lifestyle and expenses. 

Get Tools and Tech to Help You 

Finding the right tools can help you hit those money goals. And the best tool you can have is a budget (okay, calm down, we know you’re thrilled about budgeting). 

If spreadsheets aren’t your thing, there are plenty of great apps and online resources to help. Try this list of the best personal finances apps which are Certified Financial Planner approved.  

One member recommended You Need a Budget (YNAB) because it forces you to budget the money in your bank account, so you prioritize your needs.

Set Realistic Goals 

It’s essential to know what’s going on with your money. 

Get organized on what’s coming in (income) and what’s going out (expenses). Then, work on creating goals for your emergency fund (911 fund), future purchases, travel, and whatever else you have going on in life. 

When you create goals, look honestly at your finances to see what’s feasible. And give yourself the flexibility to adjust when you need to. 

Know Where Your Money is Going

Bottom line, you need to know what’s happening with your money. Look at credit card statements and transaction history to see where you spend most of your money. 

If you’re struggling to save, find areas you can cut (like streaming services or Amazon lightning deals). 

Sometimes our spending can go up with our income. 

“Income creep” is real and can happen in the blink of an eye. NPR has a few great ways you can watch out (and prevent) it in this article

Increasing your financial knowledge will payoff continually. 

And it’s a long game. 

The important thing is to continue re-evaluating, adapting, and staying committed to your money goals. 

Ep.11 Communal – Scott Padgett

Ep.11 Communal – Scott Padgett

Dr. Padgett is a humble man. He’s a living legend as far as i’m concerned and will never admit it but probably one of the more important figures (even if behind the scenes) that contributed to the music lore of Columbia through the 90’s. Through his love of music and booking for his now legendary venue Rockafellas. He is wonderful to talk to, let’s all try to learn from his words in this latest episode of the SOCO Podcast.

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