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“I believe when you teach one person, they share it with their whole village. The ripple effect of ‘I got this’ happens every time I work with a client, teach a workshop, or lead a retreat.”

I am a motivational speaker, fitness trainer, master yogi, and entrepreneur who teaches self-care and encourage badass-ery.  I was a sixteen year strength and conditioning coach turned yogi. Hyper competitive to thriving on an unhurried life. I am a certified Thai yoga bodyworker with over 500 hours of formal yoga training. I have traveled the world studying physical therapy modalities and healing methods to expand my ability to help people increase mobility, recover from injuries and prevent them. I am a former athlete and coach, I work with Olympians, Grammy winning musicians, ultra runners and professional athletes as well as with people of every age and fitness level who want to be more active and enjoy life.

My most cherished belief is in holding space. Each session is unique, clients come in with different needs and they each need to be accommodated. I offer private sessions for individuals, couples and small groups.  Private sessions range from personal training, yoga, stretching.

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