The holidays are approaching and for a lot of us, that means cramming a ton of work into a short amount of time. But what if you took a step back, planned some time off, and tried to relax at the end of the year? Sound crazy? Our members told us how to do it.

We wanted to know why it’s important to take time off

For most folks, it’s about taking time to rest and breathe for a moment.

Next, we wanted to know how members planned for time off

Some work ahead to make sure they’re not dealing with a massive amount of work once they re-open their laptop.

Blocking off time so you don’t take on new projects is a great way to protect your vacation.

If you have a team, lean on them for support so you don’t overwork.

Depending on your career, you may have to work a little. But don’t work a lot. And if you’ve built up time-off, book yourself that trip and enjoy it!

Okay, now we know how to take time off. So what should you do with all that free time?

It’s important to make some plans. Even if those plans are “don’t do much of anything.” Enjoy some alone time or get outdoors and away from the screens and noise.

So, we’re bound to get some email from clients and colleagues. How do you handle it?

It’s pretty simple. Turn off notifications. Or, if it helps put your mind at ease, plan a day or time to check in on things. But remember to set boundaries!

We wanted to understand what is “enough” work for members to feel good about taking time off

Communication with clients and colleagues is a big part of this.

Working through what you have on your plate and knowing what’s coming up after the holidays can go a long way towards helping you enjoy time off.

If you have lots of free time during the holidays, how do avoid filling it with work?

These responses speak for themselves.

And the classic last question. We wanted to hear what our members would be taking away from the conversation and implementing into their own lives.

Here’s what they’ll be doing, even if it’s in another country.

Remember, take some time off

Hey, thanks for reading this conversation. We hope you have a great and restful holiday season. If this conversation resonated with you, book a tour and see what the community is all about.