Hannah is another one of our new team members. She’ll working as our ops support manager. You’ll see her out and about at 80808 and Bull Street. We know Hannah is going to make this place run like a well oiled machine so you’ll have an even better experience. We’ll let Hannah take over and tell you about how cool she is.

Who Do You Work For?  

I am the Operations Support Manager for SOCO.

Tell Us About What You Do.  Brag a Little (50 words or less)

From administration to facilities, I keep the wheels in motion. My job is to identify problems and find solutions that streamline our operations, so we can be our best and most consistent for our members!

What Are Your Passions?  What Do You Love Doing?  Business or Personal.

I am really passionate about spending quality time with the people I love. I also love time spent outdoors, especially if there’s music involved!

What is one wealth building, debt elimination, or personal finance tip that you would share with the community?


What’s Been The Hardest Part of Your Journey?

The hardest part of my journey has probably been fighting burn out from retail operations, and actively trying to make a path into a work-life balance I love.

What’s Been The Most Rewarding Part of Your Journey?

The most rewarding thing for me is seeing my efforts make a difference. In terms of my journey, it would be achieving the work-life balance I was striving for by leaving my 60 hour work-weeks behind.

How Has SOCO Supported You On This Journey?

SOCO has given me the opportunity to work with an amazing team that is extremely driven, but by a love of people and community!

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