Whitney is one of the new folks on team SOCO. She’s a pretty awesome person and we’re super pumped to have her on board as our Director of Business Development (and first full-time hire!). We can’t wait to see all the cool stuff she’s going to accomplish here. But enough of us talking, we’ll let Whitney tell you about herself.

Who Do You Work For?  


Tell Us About What You Do.  Brag a Little (50 words or less)

Business development & sales. Finding new members and expanding events at SOCO.

What Are Your Passions?  What Do You Love Doing?  Business or Personal.

Business – Developing relationships with people and a community.

Personal – Reading, walking with my husband and our dogs, visiting local breweries and biergartens.

What is one wealth building, debt elimination, or personal finance tip that you would share with the community?

I am definitely not the person to ask hahaha! (Whitney will like our personal finance boot camp!)

What’s Been The Hardest Part of Your Journey?

One of my passions is getting involved in the community. My husband and I moved a good bit, and it was difficult to get established in a community when you don’t have any contacts in the area. It was really challenging having to start over from square one repeatedly. We are happy to be back home!

What’s Been The Most Rewarding Part of Your Journey?

Usually some of the hardest parts are the most rewarding. I am thankful I was able to join and help build communities/relationships in the different places I lived. I always learn something new to take with me. There is nothing better than watching something you helped build flourish!

How Has SOCO Supported You On This Journey?

Offered me an amazing opportunity!

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