2021 is coming to a close and we’ve got dollar signs in our eyes. Prices are up, labor is short, and supply chains are crazy. Beyond all the external issues, the end of a year is a great time to step back, evaluate our spending, and find ways to do more with the money we have. So that’s what we did in this edition of Slack Sessions. 

Everyone wants more, but why? 

Behind every goal and motivation is a purpose. And we wanted to understand why our members want to manage their money well and save. Here’s what they had to say. 

For some, family and faith is their focus and drive: 

For others, they want the security of a financial safety net: 

And for the sake of those sweet two words, “financial freedom:” 

Tips, hacks, and tricks 

We wanted to talk about practical tips. Things people do when money gets a little tight or they want to save more. 

Tip #1-know where your money is going: 

Tip #2-cut out those impulse buys by shopping smarter: 

Tip #3-mental health affects financial health: 

Getting rid of debt

Eliminating payments on debt and loans is a major way to free up cash. We asked our members for their debt elimination ideas.

First things first, pick a strategy that works for you: 

Understand how you use money and the impact that has on your life (both good and bad): 

Keeping a tab on your money 

All the ideas and tips in the world don’t do much good unless you’re keeping a check on your finances. So we wanted to know how often our members check on their finances. 

It can be a weekly, or monthly task: 

Or it centers around a major financial deadline, like taxes: 

Plus, a little motivation never hurts: 

What does 2022 look like for you financially? 

As we wrapped the conversation up, we covered one of our favorite topics: goals. What do our members want to accomplish financially? 

They want to build on their safety net: 

And plan for amazing trips with their families: 

And save for retirement as self-employed folks:

Love great advice, conversations, and coffee? 

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