Ready to redefine productivity? We’re spoiling you with work-life balance strategies, and a closer look at different work styles. Making project plans, prioritizing tasks, and understanding whether you’re a freestyler or a structured worker is on the agenda. Our aim? A guarantee to help you reach the end of each week feeling accomplished, productive and fulfilled.

We’re delving into task differentiation, focusing on the ones that pack a punch and transform your productivity. Skip the mundane and embrace high-value tasks. Together, we’re challenging the status quo of to-do lists, questioning if they help or hinder us. We’ll also be touching on energy management, because preserving that precious resource is just as important as your time.

This episode culminates with a deep dive into your work context – how you arrange your week, how you rank your tasks, and the idea of tackling the toughest jobs first to gain momentum. Discover the magic of time-blocking and the unexpected benefits of a ‘not to do’ list. We’re reinforcing the importance of safeguarding your creative blocks, and nurturing your planning routine. Join us for an invigorating discussion that promises to reshape your weekly work rhythm and empower you to take control of your productivity.

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Chapter Summaries:

(0:00:01) – Productivity and Finding a Balance
We discuss project plans, work-life balance, structure, and productivity to maximize contribution.

(0:12:57) – Prioritizing High Value Tasks
We prioritize high-value activities, ditch to-do lists, and manage energy for maximum impact.

(0:21:24) – Working With Deadlines and Goals
Focusing on priorities, forming accountability partnerships, making a “not to do list”, and using deadlines effectively are discussed.

(0:26:47) – Prioritizing Tasks, Creating Context for Work
Organize work weeks, prioritize high value tasks, do hard things first, block time for productivity, create a “not to do” list, and plan days to protect creative block times.