Slack Sessions: Be SMART About Your Goals

Slack Sessions: Be SMART About Your Goals

With the new year comes and endless talk about resolutions, goals, and how to make the most of the next 12 months. At SOCO, we believe in being SMART (Smart, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Timely) about goal setting. So, for our January conversation, we asked members how they set goals for the year.

Before we dove into 2023, we asked what members are most proud of from 2022

We wanted to know the community’s preferred goal-setting method

Once those goals are set, we asked how to track them

Accountability is important for goals. We asked who holds our members accountable

Sometimes we don’t hit our goals. How should we handle it?

Finally, we asked what the community will take away from this conversation and into the rest of the year

That’s all, folks

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Slack Sessions: Be SMART About Your Goals

Slack Sessions: Giving Thanks and Giving Back

During this season of giving, we had a conversation with our community about how they give back in their careers and why it’s important to support others on their journey.

We started by asking them what they’re most thankful for this year.

Next, we asked about the moments when someone has given our members a chance in their career.

We asked how community members were giving back to others.

Finally, we asked the big one. Why is it important to give back to others on their journey?

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Slack Sessions: Be SMART About Your Goals

Slack Sessions: The Role of Mentorship and Relationships in Your Journey

All month long, we talked about how to build a support network that makes the solo business journey a little less lonely. So, fo for our Slack Session, we asked members how mentors have shaped their careers.

We asked members to tell us about great mentors in their life.

Then, members told us why it’s important to have a mentor.

Finding mentorship isn’t easy. So, we asked about the struggles.

Serving as a mentor can be a fulfilling role. We asked how our members have given back.

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Slack Sessions: Be SMART About Your Goals

Slack Sessions: The Working Parent

Between meetings, emails, and all of the parts of a job, working parents also have to care for, raise, and be there for their kids. They’re basically working two jobs. And each is rewarding in its own way, but finding a way to balance it all is difficult. So, this month, we asked our members how they do it.

First, we asked how parents care for themselves when they spend most of their time caring for their kids.

Next, we asked how they set expectations with colleagues, clients, and bosses about their schedule and availability due to kids.

We wanted to know about the hardest part of being a working parent.

Then, we asked about the best part of being a working parent.

We asked about the things SOCO parents wished others understood about being a working parent.

We asked SOCO parents to give advice to folks who are about to become working parents.

And finally, we asked what their takeaway was from the conversation.

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Slack Sessions: Be SMART About Your Goals

Slack Sessions: Finding Balance 🧘

We all have so much going on. Work to do, kids to take care of, bills to pay. And it can all be too much sometimes. Things get out of whack. Life feels out of balance. So, for our latest Slack Session, we talked with our members about finding balance and how they handle all the things life throws their way.

After getting some amazing GIF responses to how they viewed balance in their life, our community described times when they achieved a healthy work/life balance.

Next, we wanted to know how our members know when things are out of balance in their life.

So, when priorities are out of order, we asked how the community gets realigned.

Then, we asked what work/life balance looks like in an ideal world.

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